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Personalized Nutrition Plans


Personalized Nutrition Plans

Whether you have a performance horse, trail partner, or pasture puff, Michaela will create a balanced diet that will meet your horse's nutrient requirements.

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Farm Programs


Farm Programs

From backyard barns to large equestrian centers, Michaela will provide guidance on every aspect of your farm’s nutrition plan.

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Forage Analysis


Forage Analysis

A forage analysis reveals a lot about the quality of your hay or pasture. Michaela will help you understand what your forage analysis means and if it is suitable for your horse.

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— About Me

Hello, I'm so glad you're here!

I help horse owners solve their problems.

I am a lifelong equestrian and a lifelong learner. There are several times in my journey as a horse owner where I was confused on what type of feed to give my horses, how to read a feed label, and how to know how much to feed. And supplements? I’ve spent thousands on useless products.

I put in the work so you don’t have to. These past few years, I’ve dedicated my time and money to learning about equine nutrition. I became a Legacy Certified Equine Nutrition Advisor so I can help horse owners just like you. Don’t be like me- don’t waste your time and money on products that do nothing! Let me help you help your horse. I look forward to it!

Michaela Wenger

Years of

Results I helped create

Hear what my clients and colleagues say about me.
"I sought out help from Michaela to provide a proper nutrition plan for my 13 year old Appendix, Toulouse. Toulouse was in moderate-heavy work, but reminded an easy keeper so boarding facilities gave him only handfuls of feed when I knew this was not meeting his daily nutrition needs. Michaela did a terrific job discussing and strategizing the pros and cons to different equine feed brands, types, and the correct amount of feeds needed. Being a young professional, finances played a role in my final feed decisions, however, Michaela offered me options within my monthly feeding budget. Michaela’s knowledge extended to assisting me in finding the ideal joint supplement for my horse’s needs. Michaela always puts not only your horse's needs first, but yours, too! I highly recommend Michaela’s services to anyone looking for a complete nutrition plan for their horse."
Lindsay J.
Horse Owner
"Michaela created a new diet for my horse and he’s absolutely loved it! He did well with switching feeds and she did so much to educate me on how I should be feeding him and why, not just telling me things to buy. He’s needed to lose weight and she taught me all about how what I was currently feeding him was keeping him from that goal while also not giving him all the vitamins and minerals he needs. She’s super professional, always willing to answer a million questions, and always wants what’s best for your horse, and best of all, won’t tell you to buy a million supplements that don’t work and reads the studies and research behind them to recommend the correct thing for each and every horse. I can now rest easy knowing I’m feeding my horse what he needs to be his very best self."
Sam S.
Horse Owner
"Michaela helped me navigate the massive world of equine feed and supplements for my mare, Navi. My main concern was for her was to find a way to lessen the strain on her body from competing and training and the foundation for that was to make sure that Navi had proper nutrition. I live in an area with clay soil that doesn't grow a lot of grass and I was initially trying to offset this with at least 5 other supplements. Michaela researched the feed that the store near my barn carried and recommended that I add a ration balancer from there and cut back on the supplements. She also recommended two supplements that could support her joints and reduce any possible inflammation. Navi has since been more energetic and overall more comfortable during and after work. Best part for me is that I'm actually paying less after reducing the number of supplements."
Kristin F.
Horse Owner (1)
"Michaela is a dedicated equine professional who can help you find the perfect-fit diet for your horse! She is an exceptional listener and will make sure that the diet she recommends fits the needs of you and your horse. Her nutrition programs are science-based and balanced and will allow your horse to thrive! In 2021, Michaela underwent extensive equine nutrition training to earn the title of Certified Legacy Equine Nutrition Advisor. She is now doing exceptional work with clients throughout the U.S. and can help you help your horse! I fully endorse Michaela's ability as a nutrition advisor."
Rachel Mottet
PhD Nutritionist
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