Personalized Nutrition Plan

This is custom plan based on the complete evaluation of your horse's needs and your goals.

Farm Programs

This program is a valuable offer for boarding or training facilities. Get the tools you need to feed any horse in your barn!

Guest Speaking and Presentations

Michaela can give presentations locally and virtually on many nutrition topics.

Forage Analysis

This is available as a stand-alone service or as an add-on service for Personalized Nutrition Plans and Farm Programs at a discounted rate.

Personalized Nutrition Plans

With so many feeds and supplements on the market, it can be hard to sort through which products might be suitable for your horse. Michaela will create a custom program for your horse that takes into account their age, workload, metabolic status, and to address any specific goals you have. Michaela can also build programs for horses with special dietary concerns. Any supplements fed will be reviewed for efficacy and new supplement recommendations will be made, if necessary. A transition plan is included with your horse’s proposed diet.

This program starts with an initial consult and 30 days of unlimited email support. Phone support is also available. The program can be extended for as long as necessary!

Farm Programs

Feeding a barn full of horses doesn’t have to be challenging! While all horses have unique needs, Michaela can put together a nutrition program for your barn, selecting products to offer based on the needs of the horses at your facility. Michaela will provide guidance on what each feed or supplement’s intended purpose is and what horses they are suitable for.

Michaela also provides guidance on pasture management including stocking rates, rotation schedules, and herbicide and fertilizer application rates. She has a background in natural resources that makes her uniquely qualified to interpret soil tests and provide management recommendations based on those results and the needs of your farm.

Forage Analysis

The diet of every horse begins with forage. Concentrates and supplements fill the nutritional gaps in forage and provide calories. A forage analysis on your hay and/or pasture provides a lot of invaluable information, however the values require interpretation. My forage analysis report provides you with a breakdown of what the values on your forage report mean. These values will help determine if the forage is suitable for your particular horse, and if so, what concentrates and/or supplements will complement it.

A forage analysis is not necessary to create a balanced diet for a horse. It’s only one piece of a puzzle! A forage analysis can be particularly useful for horses with special needs or performance goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

All of them! It doesn’t matter what breed your horse is, what life stage they are in, or what discipline you ride; I can build them a personalized nutrition plan. 

Yes! I have worked with horses with a variety of conditions including metabolic issues, vitamin deficiencies, tying up (RER), and liver disease.

The title nutritionist is reserved for those with advanced degrees in nutrition. I am certified as a nutrition advisor. I have the training and education necessary to make dietary recommendations. When necessary, I do provide the option for PhD review. This means I will work with a PhD nutritionist and get their stamp of approval on your horse’s plan.

Cost will vary based on your horse’s program and whether you are virtual or local. For a quote, contact me.

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